KAMPUS is coming…and here’s what we’ve been up to!

Minto & Turner and Minshull House

Everyday we’re uncovering little pieces of history as we lovingly restore our two listed Victorian shipping warehouses, removing decades of dirt and layers of paint. We’re keeping what we can, exposing the original brickwork and cast-iron columns. As we’ve stripped them back you can see echoes of their industrial past with the cast iron hydraulic packing press and ornate cast iron weighing machine still intact.

The Stack

A great example of how 1960s architecture can be beautiful. The tower has been stripped right back, the old façade and ‘70s suspended ceilings have gone to reveal the awesome waffle slabs which we are exposing where we can as a striking design feature in the new apartments. We’re just finishing the steel frame on the top which pops on another three floors.

Dutch houses

Alongside the buildings we’re keeping we’ve also got two new towers. When it came to decide what went on top, creating some flashy penthouses didn’t feel right to us. We’re right next to Canal Street, with its collection of different sized and styled buildings, all with different roofscapes. We wanted to create something that reflected this eclectic architecture, so that’s how we ended up with the Dutch Houses. A rooftop village inspired by its surroundings and like something you might find in Amsterdam. With four apartments in each house these are going to be some of Manchester’s quirkiest new homes!

Want to know more about trading or living at Kampus? Contact us at info@kampus-mcr.co.uk