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Sackville Gardens

Our nearest public park is at the end of the road, bookended by Canal Street at the top, and Aytoun Street below. It wears its heart on its sleeve: Sackville Gardens are home to the Beacon of Hope, dedicated to those lost to or living with HIV/AIDS, and to the National Transgender Remembrance Memorial (it’s also a focal point for the annual Sparkle Weekend and Manchester Pride). There’s also a statue of Alan Turing, WW2 codebreaker and the father of modern computing. Head here for peace, reflection and the perfect place to take the dog for a quick walk.

Sackville Street
M1 3HB

Manchester’s garden neighbourhood. In the centre of the city. By the canal, near the station. Minutes from everything. With secret streets, gardens and terraces, and the best independent food and drink.

The centre of the city

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