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Vimto Park

A pop of calm

This is less a park and more a small stretch of green, but despite its size it has an enormous bottle of Vimto at its centre – a monument to the place where, in 1908, the first barrel of Manchester’s curious fruit’n’herb drink was produced. The Sackville Building behind the park is about to undergo redevelopment, and for a while it looked as though Vimto Park would be flattened, but its owners have had a change of heart. So, Vimto Park lives to see another sunny day – it’s a short walk away, and especially peaceful on weekdays.

39 Sackville St
M1 3WE

Manchester’s garden neighbourhood. In the centre of the city. By the canal, near the station. Minutes from everything. With secret streets, gardens and terraces, and the best independent food and drink.

The centre of the city

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