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How our garden grows

Co-creators Adam Higgins at Capital&Centric and Adam Brady at HBD tell us about the garden neighbourhood that’s right at the heart of Kampus.

As well as being – soon, oh so soon – home to new residents, Kampus is set to become a destination in its own right, thanks to a central garden surrounded by independent cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. It’s an ethos – green, independent, design-led at heart – set by the two developers behind Kampus: Capital&Centric and HBD. “A lot of new developments are selling an ‘exclusive’ lifestyle, but for us it’s always been about making Kampus inclusive,” says HBD’s Adam Brady. “Yes, there’ll be a community of over 1,000 people living there, but they’re not going to be living in a bubble. We’re creating a bustling neighbourhood that’ll be open to anyone. And loads of open spaces where you can come and eat your sandwiches at lunchtime, read a book or meet your mates for a beer.”

The brands that will fill those spaces will be as exciting and varied as Kampus itself, with as many independents and trailblazers as possible. “The commercial and outdoor space will set the tone, so we’ve been handpicking those who really understand the community we’re looking to create,” says Adam. “It’s about getting the right mix of events and places for people to hang out, whether that means pop-ups at the Bungalow, or music and art events elsewhere.”

But designing a place that’s all about inclusivity wouldn’t be complete without open spaces, and Kampus offers just that – thanks to the lush, wild garden at its heart. “We almost wanted to create something post-apocalyptic, with an overgrown garden and towering trees,” says another Adam (Higgins, from Capital&Centric). “We loved the idea of bringing greenery back into the city, and were inspired by places like the High Line in New York. The garden is hidden away in the centre of Kampus – you almost stumble across it. Quite often public space is an afterthought: you’ll see cold, hard materials like granite which, while it might be low maintenance, doesn’t create spaces that people actually want to use. We wanted something much softer and greener where people can chill out – an oasis in the heart of the city.”


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