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New business Bread Flower now baking at Kampus!

Fresh bagels? Hand-tied flowers? Put them together at Bread Flower for the perfect Sunday morning treat.

Say hello to Maya and Scarlett, the baker and florist behind Bread Flower. These life-long friends set up their start-up in April with a simple idea. Bread and flowers, ordered during the week, baked at the weekend and collected on a Sunday. Their bundles – six sourdough bagels, hand-tied bouquets, with a mix of toppings and sides, and add-ons like bags of Blossom Coffee and smoked salmon from Manchester Smokehouse – made Bread Flower an instant success.

In fact, Maya and Scarlett did so well that they quickly outgrew their start-up kitchen. At which point we stepped in to offer them ours, and we’re very happy to announce that Bread Flower is now using the Kampus Bungalow to bake up a storm.

“We liked the idea of bringing the two things together – great bread and beautiful flowers – but we weren’t sure if people would get it. Why bread and flowers? But it felt right, and it’s worked,” said Maya. “We were selling out of bundles in under a hour and needed a bigger kitchen. So while we’d love to have our own space one day, being offered the Bungalow to work from is a massive help. It means we’ll definitely get there.”

Bread Flower will be at Kampus from this weekend. Fancy a bundle? Order @breadflower_  and collect on a Sunday morning from the Bungalow (entrance via the canal-side steps off Minshull Street). Or find out more about the Bungalow, and then take a look at North Block (so you can have a baker right on your own doorstep).


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